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The White Rhinoceros
The Wise
The Work of Dr. Tim White
The adaptations of salt marsh plants in response to the environmental conditions they encounter
The aim of the experiment is to find out which factors affect the decomposition of marble buildings by acid rain. This is the rate of reaction.
The choice between life or loneliness
The decline in Human Fertility
The early years of B.F. Skinner
The effect of sand as a physical barrier to fertilization succes in the sea urchin
The effect of temperature of the action of the Enzyme Catalase
The effect of temperature on breaking down starch due to amylase
The effects of different concentration of sugar solutions by osmosis
The effects of different strength of disinfectants on bacterial growth
The effects of exercise on heart rate
The efficiency in the bounce of a squash ball
The factor that affect the rate of a reaction
The factors that affect the resistance in a wire.
The genetic engineering of animal
The great Alaskan Earthquake
The history of an atom
The importance of genetic research
The inspiration of desert
The lab
The mysterious Bermuda Triangle
The mystery of evolution
The mystery of the Origin of Life
The new Age of Energy
The perils of Cloning
The periodic table - 3 failed attemts and discussing the accepted table.
The principles of biological classification and the diversity of organisms.

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