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War and Peace
War between the states
War is Hell
War profit
Warriors Dont Cry
Was Henry VIII Catholic or Protestant?
Was Hitler Gay
Was Napoleon the son of the Revolution
Was Napoleon’s success in creating a large empire by 1807 mainly due to his military skills?
Was The Allied Bombing Of German Cities Justified?
Was The Industrial Revolution in England Inevitable?
Was teh conflict between the 13 colonies and the british economic or political?
Was the Brutality of General Sherman¡¯s ¡°March to the Sea¡± & his Georgia/South Carolina Campaign Justified under the Circumstances as They Existed in 1864?
Was the Dismissal of Gough Whitlam the Will of the People?
Was the First World War Inevitable?
Was the First World War a ‘Total war’ for Britain?
Was the French revolution a revolution of all classes against the old system of governemnt?
Was the German defeat on the Western Front caused by the failure of the Schlieffen plan? Explain your answer.
Was the Renaissance over glorified?
Was the Weimar Rebublic Doomed To Fail?
Was the settliong of the British in the colonial period economic or religious concerns?
Was the size of Russia the main reason for making it difficult to rule?
Was the spanish Inquisition cruel
Was the war on Iraq justified?
Was “Triumph of the Will” a documentary or propaganda?
Wave Hill Strike

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