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Dalai Lama
Dante Inferno
Dealing With Depression
Decision Making
Defending of sanctity of life
Defining Atheism & The Impossibility of God's Existance
Depression: A loss of hope
Describe and comment on the significance of the nature and spirits in indigenous religions.
Describe and explain one of the Hindu rites of passage-marriage.
Describe how a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work.
Describe the main differences between the utilitarianism of Bentham and Mill.
Describe the main features of Moral Absolutism
Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels
Describing The Incomprehensible
Design Argument's History
Design argument
Did God choose us? Or did we choose him?
Did the Flood Occur? Doubtful
Difference between the Church and the Kingdom and their relationship to the individual believer
Differenes between Islamic and Christian beliefs
Different Aspects of religion
Different versions of humankind creation
Discovering the Way to Life - A Philosophical Approach
Discuss the significance of the persecution which came under the reign of Diocletian.
Dismembering The Body of Christ
Disobent Anarchy
Distant Intercessory Prayer
Disturbed by Christ

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