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“The Life You Save May Be Your Own,” O’Connor
“The international relations of Germany between 1870 - 1914 were influenced solelyby the need to preserve the new nation state of Germany.” How far do you agree withthis statement?
“The many stages of the American Dream”
“The weakness of peace treaties is that they tend to address the past war rather than the future peace.” With reference to WWI, show how far you concur with this assertion?
“Treatment of the Slaves”
“War work proved to be a great leap forward for British women”
“Weak in law, strong in opportunism.” How far do you agree with this comment of the candidature of Robert Bruce, Lord of Annandale in the Great Cause 1291-1292?
“What Does It Mean To Be Patriotic?”
“Why have people from Indonesia requested refuge in Australia?”
“Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer”
“[T]he Industrial Revolution…separated us from nature. But nature is coming back with a vengeance, tied to population growth.” (Kaplan 7) Relate Kaplan’s assertation to his analysis of the contemporary world in “The coming Anarchy,” incorporat
‘A Revolution had taken place in the lives of young people between the early 1950’s and the late 1970’s
‘An honourable policy pursued by honourable men.’ Is this a fair assessment of the policy of appeasement?
‘Was the League of Nations a success in the 1920s?’
‘Wolsey’s foreign policy reveals that he had no other aims than to exalt his master’s power and his own glory’ How far do you agree with this verdict?

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