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“One of the most significant events in the book is the bombing of the Broome harbour” Discuss
“The development of a sense of identity may be shaped in a variety of ways depending on an individuals experiences.” This is to be discussed by referring back to three texts involving identity, (King Henry the IV part 1, Being Sixteen, Harry Potter an
“The greatest compositions are those that inform the responder about the human condition” Discuss with close reference to the portrayal of power in Maestro.
“The road not taken” by R.Frost
“There is no pattern to who lives and dies in war” How do the characters in the novel view war differently? Discuss in relation to at least three main characters.
“What lessons can be learnt from Orwell’s Animal Farm?”
“When A Man Cannot Choose He Ceases To Be A Man”
“You can only enjoy Aristophanes’ Wasps if you have a goodunderstanding of the Athenian legal system.”How far do you agree with this statement?
‘Heart of Darkness’
‘Madame Bovary’, written by Gustave Flaubert (1857), and ‘Crime and Punishment’, written by Fyodor Dostoevsky (1866)‘The women in these novels only come to life through loving the men’. Discuss, making reference to your course texts.
‘Mark was looking for himself still trying to find his was back from the dead.’Does Mark learn to live with the pain from his experiences?’ Triage
‘Oedipus is a victim of circumstances beyond his control’. Do you agree?
‘Viewing the Western predicament from a non-western viewpoint’ Achebe, discuss?

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