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JD Ltd is a small manufacturing company. Currently they do not have a mission statement, dicuss whether or not such a statement would be useful to the company?

A mission statement should be organisation specific and details an organisations reason for being. Most Mission statements bring together the companies main aims and objectives and present them as the long term, most important objective for the company to realise. Mission statements outline the way forward for a company in a way that best represents what the company is about.

If a mission statement was implemented correctly then there are several people who would benefit from it being in place. The customers would benefit, as the employees of the company would know better what was expected of them and the goals they are trying to reach. This will lead to less confusion within the company so the customer gets their service quicker and better quality. The employees will benefit for such a statement, as they will be much clearer on the company’s goals, a mission statement can be very motivational if it appeals to the employees. This is because they will work harder to try and achieve...

Posted by: Angelia Holliday

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