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food stampsDescribe its purpose and goals, philosophy as well as it¡¦s eligibility requirements. Discuss whether the program works or fails in its effort to solve the problem it was addressed.

Food Stamps

The government of the United States is equipped with myriad forms of public assistance programs that come in aid to the less fortunate part of the population. The federal state and local governments provide numerous programs designed to help low-income citizens and their families meet nutritional and health needs. The food stamp program is one of many nutrition programs available to the public and the most significant food plan on hand. The Food Stamp Program is the basis of the Federal food assistance programs, and provides crucial support to needy households and to those making the transition from welfare to work programs. It provides low-income households electronic benefits in order for them to increase their food purchasing power.
The Food Stamp program was created in 1939 during the Big Depression period and served then for the same purposes it does today. The program became legitimately permanent in 1964. Since then, the program has expanded and developed s...

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