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English-HSC-Changing perspective:‘We continue on as we were, unchanged and unchanging’Is this true?Discuss the concept of change, as you understand it from your study of at least two of your prescribed poems and two texts from the changing booklet.

Do we continue on, as we were, unchanged and unchanging? To answer this question we must first consider what change is. The Heinemann Dictionary defines change as ‘to become or make different: constant alteration’. So therefore, according to this definition life is constantly changing and evolving…life is about change. It could be argued that universal truths such as growing up, distancing yourself from parents and old people reminiscing as in Felix Skrzynecki is in itself unchanged and unchanging. But in order for these truths to take place individual change happens, hence the idea that we continue on unchanged and unchanging is false.

Peter Skrzynecki’s poems Felix Skrzynecki and 10 Mary Street both focus on a young migrant’s battle to not only find his own identity but to adapt to a new countries way of life. Both deal with the detachment and change between father and son. The Door by Miroslav Holub looks at change as positive, progressive and preferable to stagnation w...

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