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Does the language of Jazz differ from the language of other forms of music? Making reference to a particular work of Jazz and a piece from another genre, compare and contrast these pieces of music. Make reference to the form and structure within each work

The language of jazz is very different from (some) other forms of music, say classical music, because unlike classical music, which was, mainly written by the ‘upper classes’ for the ‘upper classes’, to be listened to as chamber music behind polite talk, or in a huge concert hall as an evening out; jazz came up from the black urban cultures; its influences of African slave music, and gospel, working class music. Jazz was the music of the bars and club, having come from the simple blues, and ragtime pieces of New Orleans, to become the sophisticated as it spread to New York, Paris and London becoming a social ‘rage’; but even now it would seem odd to have a jazz concert in a well lit concert hall with everyone dressed up; jazz belongs to an ‘under culture’ and seems to have real power in the music when its heard in small, dark, smoky clubs.

The two works I have chosen to compare are Artie Shaw’s (Arthur Ashawsky) Concerto for Clarinet parts one and two and, J.S. Bac...

Posted by: Geraint Watts

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