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Describe three forms of Maori and Pakeha interaction before 1840. Evaluate the view of modern historians that Maori dominated these early exchanges and acted out of primary Maori motives.

There were many ways in which Pakeha and Maori interacted before 1840, being it socially when coming ashore, economically, religiously or politically. There were two equally important forms of interaction between Maori and Europeans. You could call one direct and the other indirect. Direct was in New Zealand, on ships or overseas this lead to quite sudden change for Maori. Indirect interaction would be Maori mediating European culture for other Maori. This would have led to more controlled change among Maori and in this circumstance would have been easier to cope with. At the same time there was a third level of interaction for example attitudes, ideas and concepts were also exchanged, both consciously and subconsciously.

The Political trading of goods and services was a major form of interaction between Maori and Pakeha. When Captain Cook visited New Zealand he spent 56 days at anchor. There were no women aboard the Endeavour so the crew would have slept with the local tribe women ...

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