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Describe the activities of the boys on the island and their attempts at organizing their lives. What evidence is there to suggest that the boys will not be able to live together harmonously in the novel Lord of the flies

Compare and contrast the characteristics of Simon and Piggy using physical descriptions, behavior how the others feel about them, and how they feel about themselves.

In the novel “Lord of The Flies”, there are many characters that and be classified as being similar and many that can be classified as being extremely different. Two characters that can be compared and contrasted are Simon and Piggy.
Piggy is described as being short and overweight. He is close in age to Jack and Ralph, but his physique is quite different. Piggy is shorter than Ralph, very fat- as the name suggests-wears glasses, and has asthma, which disables him to do any work on the island. In the novel Golding’s descriptions of Piggy are often very cruel. Piggy represents order and democracy. He tries to cling to civilization and attempts to maintain peace. He is the smartest boy on the island, but lacks social skills and cannot communicate with the others. His glasses show his desire for clear-sig...

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