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Convergence: explore this concept in historical, technological and creative terms. Reflect on possible implications for film and television as convergence becomes a reality. What does it mean for creators and producers, for big business and for the public

Many events or happenings throughout history with regard to organisations, corporations, goods and services have come about due to convergence, even if the world has only just started to recognise them. Today, major instances of corporate convergence can be found with media and software companies (AOL Seven); Insurance companies (RACQ GIO); Banks (Suncorp Metway) and many more. However, convergence is more than the merging of two companies. Convergence can be the result of new technologies coming in to play, which, especially today is one of the foremost reasons. One form of technology in particular, has influenced more convergence-related decisions than any other. The Internet.

Since the creation of, and the rapidly growing popularity of the internet, many new companies have been created, but many companies have merged, adapted and converged to put their product online and make it available to the global consumer network. There are corporations like CNN, an American televis...

Posted by: Carlos Hernandez

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