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Analyse in detail the use of pertinent film techniques/style the opening of the film ‘Falling Down.’ How do these work to produce meanings and establish themes? What techniques are used? How are they used and combined to produce specific meanings? Com

Falling Down was released in 1992 and directed by Joel Schumacher, other films of his including the hit films The Client (1994) and 8mm (1998). The opening sequence of Falling Down is a vital part and it establishes the key meanings and story of the film. Arguably the mise-en-scene is an integral part in helping to establish the meanings and themes.

D. Bordwell and K. Thompson state that “mise-en-scene includes those aspects of film that overlap with theatre: setting, lighting, costume and the behaviour of the figures”. (Introduction to Film Art - 2001).

The first aspect of the mise-en-scene is impacted upon you at the very beginning of the film. A large sweaty forehead and the sound of very heavy respiration, suggesting that someone is either having a heart attack or it is very hot weather. It turns out to be the latter. We are immediately introduced to the main character of the film. The sweat and heavy breathing suggest that our main character, Michael Douglas, is agit...

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