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“Obsessions are so common as to almost be irrelevant” Useing Authur Miller's "The Crucible"Definition: Obsessions, in the context of the example, are being ignored because they are seen as being common.

These days’ obsessions can be from anything to everything. In the days of Abigail William, a character in the Arthur Miller play “the Crucible”, obsessions were of power, authority and respect only. But, with all these obsessions in play over history, some have, been for one reason or another, been ignored. Obsessions with love in both today scene and “the Crucible” still follow this trend and have sometimes been ignored.

Abigail killed many people with her witch hunt, and for what? For her love of John Proctor, Abigail had many people imprisoned and others hanged. But, even though her love was so strong that people’s lives were taken, her obsession was ignored by the common townsfolk. Even when her love was revealed in court the judge excused it and it was ignored. Here we see an obsession being ignored resulting in consequences that were huge. But, in the context, that particular obsession was not common. In the days of Salem in the 1690’s, obsessions were noth...

Posted by: Angelia Holliday

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