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“Many Changes have taken place in the relationship between Aboriginals and the European churches since the mission days.”Discuss the different ways Christianity has impacted on Aboriginal Society and the ways that Aboriginal Spirituality has influence

Since the time of the first missionaries in Australia many changes have taken place between the relationship of Indigenous Aboriginals and Non- indigenous Australians.
Christianity and Aboriginality have both effected each other over the past 214 years and proof of this can be seen throughout the many blended churches in Australia today.
The dynamics between Aboriginal Christians and Non- Indigenous Christians have only in the past 30 years begun to change to incorporate some of the beliefs and traditions of Aboriginal people.
The topics being explored throughout this essay include Theologies, Social attitudes and Reconciliation.

The dreaming is the Aboriginal basis of all life incorporation all traditions and spirituality whilst God and his son Jesus is the foundation of Christianity.

Aboriginal Spirituality has effected Christianity through different levels of syncretism. Most modern Aboriginal Christians fall into three main Categories of belief, ranging from Nominal to...

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