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Peter: Chuck, I don't think what Carol does with her personal life is really your business.

Chuck: Well, maybe not, but what affects Cotmore Associates is my business. We have already experienced one upheaval because of changes in auditor and we are quite pleased with the way Will has worked out. In fact, I was just talking to him today about the possibility of a new consulting service R&T is offering. But if you can't provide me with some stability, then all bets are off. There will not only be no consulting work, I'll also recommend to the board that we get a new audit firm. Find someone else to juggle your client load with.

1. What action should Peter take? Defend your position.
2. Using an ethical model, convince Chuck of the rightness or wrongness of his position with respect to Carol.
3. What problems do you foresee for Carol in rebuilding her client base? What actions, if any, should Peter take to assist her? In your response consider the repercussio...

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