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1.Who were the liberal reformers who were influential in the establishment of arbitration? Why did they favour this form of industrial regulation and how did trade unions and employers respond?

In a time of social unrest and industrial action was becoming a common place. A few sort to rectify the problem. These liberal reformers included Charles Kingston, Alfred Deakin and Justice Higgins who were influential in bringing about the establishment of arbitration. This paper will discuss what these liberal reformers did to establish arbitration and why did they favour this type of form of industrial regulation. Also, what the response was of employers and unions to this type of industrial regulation.

Charles Kingston is considered the pioneer behind the arbitration. Seeing the need for a system that would end the industrial strikes he first attempt an industrial conciliation and arbitration legislation in 1894 as a means of preventing and settling industrial strife. However, the Act was not a success due to the trade unions not registering under this act. The next attempt was to include a clause in the constitution relating to arbitration powers, which was include in the const...

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