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"Anything Else"--movie review
"At Dawn They slept"
"Battle of Algiers"(How does the film make the viewer sympathize with the Algerians?)
"Best In Show" representing the American class system
"Breaker" Hard Done By?
"Bring It On" Film Review
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" & "The Matrix"
"Dances with Wolves"
"El Patron'" and the Immigrant experience
"Foul Play" My favorite Movie
"I am Sam" review
"Neccessaey Violence as illustrated in 'Full Metal Jacket.'"
"Pay It Forward"
"The Lost Weekend"
"What's eating Gilbert Grape"
"Women in soap operas"
"wag the dog" - movie review
'The Untouchables'
.¡°Governments did not build the Internet, they don¡¯t own it, and they cannot control it; they will have to learn to live with this.¡± What¡¯s your view on Internet censorship.
10 things
12 Angry Men
12 Angry Men
12 Angry Men
12 Angry Men
12 angrey men
12 angry men
12 angry men
12 angry men

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