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worries on war and terrisom
“All Men are Created Equal”
“ Is the United Nations an effective forum for the promotion of the ideals of internationalism .”
“Complete publicity makes it impossible to govern”
“Evaluate the relative importance of foreign and domestic affairs between 1781 (Articles of Confederation adopted) and 1796 (Washington’s farewell address).”
“Ga. votes to scrap flag’s Dixie cross”
“Is it possible to be for or against globalisation?”
“It is sometimes said that because we have no written constitution we have no constitution at all”
“Nuclear Deterrence has kept the world from war”. Discuss
“Regardless of the forms of power employed by a nation state, unity and internal stability are essential in the pursuit of national interests”
“Should we go to war with Iraq again?”
“Tapped My Cell and the Phone in the Basement”
“The Framers of the Constitution of 1787 intended to create a Republic, not a Democracy.” Discuss
“The Law Governing the Use of Force in Texas.When Can It Be Used?When Can It Not Be Used?”
“The Prince”by Niccolo Machiavelli
“The Scottish Parliament is more representative of the views of the people than the Westminster model”
“The YOA should apply to youth as young as ten years old.”
“U.S Productivity Growth Persists
“What is the best explanation for the differences that have developed between social welfare arrangements in different advanced capitalist countries? In particular, does it matter what party controls government?”
‘By the late 1980’s everywhere in the Balkans Communism was in retreat and Nationalism was in ascendancy’ Discuss with reference to at least TWO countries
‘Evaluate the extent to which the English law of contract addresses inequality of bargaining power’
‘The place of Quebec in Canada is at the heart of the debate on constitutional reform but is not the only source of discontent within the Canadian federal system’.
‘Those who hold public office at any level must disclose their personal financial status before accepting positions of responsible decision-making in the public sector’.
‘Using examples from one Asia Pacific nation state, discuss the ways in which that state used various forms of power to pursue its perceived national interests’

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